About Me

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I have had a very diverse set of life experiences and paths, all of which have led me to becoming a resilient and creative individual. Educationally, I have a bachelors degree in psychology from University of Massachusetts in Boston, a Masters degree in Education and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Applied Psychology from California Coast University.

Professionally, have been a mental health practitioner, substance abuse treatment professional, school counselor, school psychologist, special education administrator, guidance and college advising administrator, university professor in psychology, education and design, a lecturer and presenter on a variety of topics related to psychology, creativity, art education and neurobiological basis of creativity throughout the United States and Canada.

While I have had little formal art training, I am an active art enthusiast/artist working in visual media: Painting, Sculpture, Photography and Architecture as well as performance—theater/acting.

My interest and study of psychology and philosophy has enabled me to apply psychological principals to any human endeavor. I thoroughly enjoy taking the journey of self discovery with people who seek my help, discovering their strengths, and assisting them in whatever endeavor they want to pursue. That brings joy and purpose to my life.

Though, my primary source of purpose and joy are my three amazing children and unbelievably fantastic spouse.