Being a leader in an organization, large or small, is a complex and demanding job. A leader must balance compassion, objectivity, process efficiency, fairness and legal compliance, productivity, and operational challenges all at once. In addition, priorities are always shifting and adapting to change is critical to organizational survival and success. The skill sets necessary for excellence in leadership go beyond any industry-specific expertise. The ability to communicate effectively, empathize compassionately yet remain objective, set expectations and elicit excellence in others who work in the organization, and motivate and encourage oneself and others are essential not only to operational success but, as importantly, to the mental health and well being of any leader. Executive coaching is a specific service that will be of enormous value in meeting these challenges, optimizing performance and maintaining work-life balance. Everyone needs a trusted advisor, and those who are at the top need it the most.

Our handshake is our bond of trust & discretion

Our handshake is our bond of trust & discretion

With discretion and confidentiality as the foundation of our work together, I can provide individual or organizational coaching, consultation and training in  Soft Skills. Helping you and your targeted employees develop skills that keep you at your optimal performance is and excellent investment of resources as follows:

  • Emotional Intelligence,

  • Verbal and Nonverbal communication skills,

  • Negotiation and Persuasion strategies,

  • Creativity

  • Self-care practices

When you contact me:

  • We will have a free confidential conversation about your needs,

  • Determine if I am the right person to assist and scope of services.

  • Arrive at mutually acceptable financial arrangement.

  • Develop a written Needs Assessment and benchmarks & outcome metrics for assessing success.

  • Create a Comprehensive plan for the coaching, consultation and training.

  • Develop a schedule of implementation and outcome measurement tools.

  • Implement plan with revisions as needed (significant revisions may impact cost but will be discussed ahead of time and mutual agreement will be reached before cost impact.)

  • Outcome evaluation and final report will be provided within 30 calendar days of contract completion.

Every part of the my professional services will be made clear in our agreement.

Every part of the my professional services will be made clear in our agreement.


Do you feel frustrated, unsure of how to proceed with sensitive personnel? Do you want to become a creative leader who is free from old-fashioned rules and structures that stifle you? Do you feel like you are stagnating and want to move your abilities and your company a higher level? Give me a call and let’s talk in confidence and discover how I can assist you. Call me at (603) 340-0527 and we can discuss your needs with no initial commitment.