fellowship of all divine (FOAD) Spirituality for the 21st century

With a significant fascination about the metaphysical, I’ve come to realize, partly through the perspective of psychology, partly through the perspective of quantum physics, and generally from the framework of humanity, that there is a need for a new framework for spirituality.

Over the course of the next several posts on this blog I will begin to present this framework for your consideration. I’m not looking to build a church or get contributions or convert anyone into anything. I’m just sharing an emerging belief structure that I think will be helpful for those who seek Spirituality but reject religion in its current forms.

This is not a blog with scholarly references and proof  of claims. It is not a religious doctrine with definitive instructions to be followed for salvation like the Bible. It is not a a supportive thesis for atheists nor does it argue with anyone or try to dissuade them from practicing their religious beliefs. 

This blog is a direct communication of my thoughts about divinity to you. It is an introduction to a conceptual exploration of divinity that I have been engaged in for a long time and has more or less coalesced to the point that it is communicable comprehensibly. In this blog I present a new framework for constructing how we cultivate divinity by recognizing its elements within ourselves and the world immediately around us. With these posts I hope to broaden the ideas of religion and divinity and illuminate how accessible divinity actually is.  

In writing this blog I also hope to illustrate why the time has come for humanity to rethink religion and the forms it takes because structured and rigid ideas espoused  by many religious practices and beliefs are often not focused on true divinity and have therefore been hijacked by powerful forces to advance the opposite of divinity.

If you are reading this blog, you are intelligent and curious. You have already thought about religion and understand it. You can do whatever background research you may want to do about the content here and don’t need me to spoon feed it to you. 

 Stay tuned for the next posts in the weeks to come.